3 April 2018

Belgium 2018

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Hello Cycling Lovers, hope your having a great day,

Bonjour Belgium!

15 years ago, I battled my way to my first & only Tour of Flanders Podium. What an incredible day it was. Fighting it out over the famous flemish roads against all my "heroes". That day changed the way I approached the Classics forever. From that day on, I knew, given the right circumstances and a bit of luck that anything was possible. I started dreaming of bigger things. I focused every training ride and race on the Classics.

Now, I am sitting in my Hotel room in Ghent, about to witness it all again, but from the sidelines. Rubbing shoulders with the locals. Enjoying a Belgian beer as the guys race up the cobbled climbs in agony. I'll have a wry smile on my face thanking God I've retired!

This year its cold, wet and just how the Classics should be. Its going to be the real hard riders of our sport that Win.

This year on our max'd out www.mummucycling.com Classics trip, the guests have a jam packed 10 days.

Riding both Flanders & Roubaix Gran-fondos, a Meet & Greet with Mitchelton-Scott before Paris Roubaix, catching up with Tom Boonen for a Beer, riding Fl├Ęche & Amstel with Frank Schleck as our ride guide then VIP hospitality inside the Roubaix velodrome after watching a few sections of cobbles on the roadside. And if you thought it couldn't get any better we will then have lunch with the Greatest of them all, the "King", Eddy Merckx.

I love the Classics and being in Belgium for their National Cycling day then France for Roubaix, its got to be one of the best weeks of cycling of the year!

And this year Mummu Cycling squad are right into it. We always aim to give every guest the Real Pro experience... Sometimes that means landing in the ditch .... Unreal effort to complete the 170k after this! Well done to everyone for completing a huge challenge #mummuontour

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