26 July 2017

Le Tour, then Home Sweet Home....

There's no place like home.

What an epic month that was back in Europe. I had intended on trying to write a few blogs to keep people up to date with what we getting up to with Mummu Cycling. I don't think I even opened my computer again after Luxembourg. I had an absolute ball. As a few of you may have seen in the social media photos.

I did feel at home around the TDF. After all it has been a part of my life for pretty much the last 20 years. I've had some massive "Up's" and a couple of massive "Downs", which makes the TDF what it is. Its what gives you so much satisfaction when you finally ride onto the Champs Elysees some 3 weeks later. It's pure mind over matter to make it all the way.

I couldn't believe how tired & gaunt the guys looked when we caught up with them in the final week.
Is that what I looked like every year? When riding this race, you're so caught up in the TDF bubble, surrounded by your team and fellow competitors you don't realise how skinny you are all getting & how knackered you all are.

The conversation deteriorates fairly quickly during the 3 weeks at the dinner table and even out on the roads. The fun goes out of the Tour very quickly. You've spent months & months training, racing & thinking of the TDF, after 2 stages you're wondering 'what the hell am I doing here'. But its all worth it when you finally complete the mission... Get your ass to Paris at all costs. It doesn't matter if you crash and have half your skin missing, or have had stomach issues or maybe an injury that you cant tell the media about, because you, as part of a team are trying to remain focused and look strong.

Every team is chasing "that" stage win. Not every year things go according to plan.
Just ask Richie. He will be back, but unfortunately for him that will make it even harder for next year.

Each Grand Tour you ride is like adding another brick on top of a fence, you get stronger & stronger.
And the Frenchies this year were amazing! It was great to see the French finally winning on their home soil, and winning a lot! This Bardet guy has what it takes to Win Le Tour, no doubt. His downfall will always be the TT & even worse the Teams Time Trial. The French teams have never been historically great at the TTT, besides the one we won in 2001 with Credit Agricole of course ;)
So should a change of teams be on the cards for Romain to possibly a stronger team where he has more of an opportunity to win. That would mean leaving his comfort zone and obviously his French team. That will be something interesting to follow in the years to come.

I will do a bit of a summary of our Mummu Cycling tour trip another day, I have to pack the bags and fly to Sydney today, so I will leave it there. It really is something special the Tour De France and to see how cycling touches so many people all around the globe just continues to blow me away.

Stay safe on the roads...

Viva Le Tour

Here's just a few snapshots out of the hundreds....



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